Holistic Natural Teething Remedies For Your Baby

amber necklace for teething baltic amber

Teething can be a difficult and stressful time for both you and your baby. It’s the process when the infant’s first set of teeth begin to emerge through the gums, and this can cause soreness and inflammation. It normally occurs at around the age of four months, although it can start earlier or be as late as 12 months.

The two bottom front teeth normally appear first, followed by four upper teeth. There can be a gap of one to two months between this stage. The lower teeth on either side of the central incisors will appear about a month later, while the molars are the last to appear. It may take another two years for the full set of teeth to be in place.

Some babies sail through the whole process without a murmur, while others find it distressing, and can be irritable and may cry more and sleep less than usual. They may also become fussy eaters and chew on objects to try and relieve the pressure in their gums. Sometimes, the baby may appear flushed and have a high temperature.

If your baby is displaying signs of discomfort, it’s natural to want to try to calm and soothe them. This will also take some of the pressure off you as a carer and help you get a precious unbroken night’s sleep. You may not want to resort to prescribed medication for your tot, but there are some natural remedies available that may be effective.

Some infants respond well to baltic amber teething necklaces. These are, as the name suggests, medicinal necklaces made of raw amber that are worn around the neck. Baltic amber has been used for centuries for its healing properties because it contains a substance called succinic acid. 

This is a compound that has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. When the amber is warmed through contact with the skin, small amounts of succinic acid are released and absorbed through the skin and into the baby’s bloodstream. This provides a natural painkiller that can help to settle a fretful baby.

It’s important to follow all the safety guidelines carefully, and never let your baby chew the necklace or put them to sleep while wearing it to avoid the risk of swallowing loose beads or strangulation. 

It may be beneficial to use the necklace with other natural remedies. Some mothers find that drinking chamomile tea can help a fussy baby to feed, because the stress-easing properties are absorbed into their bloodstream and released into the breast milk.

Alternatively, soak a lint-free cloth in chamomile tea and chill it in the fridge. When handed to your baby, you may find that they will be inclined to chew on it to reduce inflammation of the gums. If you prefer, you could simply try gently massaging your baby’s gums with a clean finger.