“We believe in nurturing natural wonders coming from Mother Nature to make parents life easier and babies happier”

”My name is Joanna and I am from Poland, one of the richest countries in Baltic Amber. As a child, I used to go on yearly vacations with my family to the seaside. My parents would always encourage my sisters and me to seek amongst nature for this beautiful gem.

Back then, as it is now, it was common knowledge that amber has anti-inflammatory properties and it was used for babies to help them with teething struggles. This handmade and chemical free remedy was used for many babies in our family.

Having moved away from Poland and being abroad, disconnected me in some way from this long-lasting tradition until my best friend raised the subject of struggling with her teething baby. It instantly brought me back to my childhood’s experience and reminded me of the calming properties that amber can have for babies.

After gifting my friend an amber necklace, not only did her baby girl start feeling much better, people also started to compliment the fact that her baby girl was wearing this amber necklace. I instantly thought of sharing the love of amber with other mums around the world, to introduce them to this natural remedy which hopefully helps makes things that little bit easier and their babies happier!

Hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoyed creating them for you! 🧡

Founder and CEO at Ambercalm 

Meet our team

Zdjecie ID

Joanna Poltorak

Founder and CEO

Joanna has soft spot for babies and seeing her best friend’s baby suffer
during teething motivated her to open a company that would provide a solution for this
painful process for other mamas!


Carlos Luque

Marketing Manager

Carlos is Joanna’s partner in life and business. He has over 10 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. A highly motivated person who will work hard to keep clients happy.


Carmelo Cintron

Supply Chain Manager

Responsible of sourcing and logistics. He was in charge of sourcing for Ambercalm and was able to find the best handcrafters in Lithuania that made our beautiful necklaces!


Manon Ranoult

Operations Managers

The mum of the team! She’s in charge of supporting you in your discovery of amber as a
natural remedy with all the information you need. As a member of the focus group, she helped
to test the product on her daughter with great results!