Useful Accessories To Help Babies And Frazzled New Parents

The life of any parent is undoubtedly turned upside down by the arrival of a newborn. It can be a delightful time of bonding and discovery, but also at the same time exhausting as you adjust to a new routine. Fortunately, there’s a plethora of accessories designed to help frazzled parents and babies cope with those sometimes challenging early days and months.

Some of these are based on ancient remedies and traditions that have stood the test of time, such as raw amber teething necklaces, and some feature the latest examples of modern technology. Here’s a look at some of the best accessories to make life with your little one that bit calmer and easier!

Infrared baby monitors

Baby monitors are highly useful gadgets that enable you to keep an eye on your baby when they are left alone at night or put down for a nap. The latest products have day and night vision so that you can get a clear picture even if there is no night light on, and provide you with high definition live streamed images. 

It’s now possible to buy gadgets that are integrated with movement, sound, temperature, and humidity changes, so that you can always keep a close eye on your baby’s welfare and be alerted to any changes or potential problems. This is ideal if you have a large house or spend time in the garden and would otherwise find it difficult to hear your baby. 

Amber necklaces for teething 

Teething can be a difficult stage for both babies and their parents, as the infant’s first teeth begin to erupt through the gums. It typically begins at around the age of three to four months and can go for up to a year. Some babies seem to sail through the process without any undue distress, but others can have a difficult time and appear to be in a lot of discomfort.

Clues that your baby is suffering the effects of teething include flushed cheeks, drooling, chewing on objects, and being more cross and irritable than usual. The baby can be given mild prescription medications to relieve the discomfort, but some parents prefer to use alternative methods such as a raw unpolished Baltic amber teething necklace.

Amber is an ancient fossilised substance formed from the resin that trees produce to heal injuries to their timber, and it still retains its analgesic and antibacterial properties in a substance called succinic acid. 

When amber is gently warmed, for example when the beads are worn next to the skin, a small amount of this substance is released, and is absorbed into the baby’s bloodstream, creating a naturally soothing effect. This method of calming fretful babies has been used for centuries in many European countries.

It should be noted that the necklace is not a toy or designed to be chewed, and the baby should be supervised at all times while they are wearing the necklace. The necklace should be inspected regularly for loose beads or other signs of damage. 

Smart nightlights

Night lights are a nursery essential to provide a soft gentle glow at night when you don’t want to disturb your baby with a brighter and more stimulating light. Smart night lights can be integrated with temperature sensors, and glow warm or cold colours if the temperature rises or falls above the ideal recommended temperature for a baby.

They can also be integrated with other useful features such as white noise machines to play gentle lullabies or calming sound to send your little one off to sleep, clocks, and digital tools to record the time and duration or volume of feeds.

Baby carriers

Baby carriers are designed to carry your baby on your front, or back if they are a little older. This is a really convenient way to transport your baby when you are out and about, because it leaves your arms free for tasks such as shopping, and you don’t have to worry about manhandling a bulky pram or pushchair. 

Any of these items might be a much-appreciated gift for a baby shower or just as a thoughtful gesture for any mum-to-be of your social and family circle. You may even decide that you can’t live without them and it’s time to buy yourself and your little one a well-earned treat!